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Gate: Melting Pot  

And just like that (howbow dah), I share a quick clap-back, in response to a white man with burdens. A white man with a plight. With a diaspora, all his own. Written some time ago, the clap-back below is just one of my many PETTIER (finer) moments. *cue Wiz Khalifa’s laugh and Kanye West’s shrug.*



Seems I've stirred the "politically incorrect" pot. 

In a moment of pure distaste for ONE INDIVIDUAL I carelessly labeled that ONE INDIVIDUAL's actions under the general umbrella, colloquially used, to describe what us downtrodden, oppression-is-in-our-head, people of color like to, on occasion, deem as the BS tears of Caucasian folk. Though, I do understand I crossed the thin / nearly invisible line of attacking someone's character using "racially-driven" terminology that downplays a particular sector of people; I also, cannot lie to myself and say that I am sorry because I am NOT *cue Beyoncé's Sorry single. * Not to mention, society deems me as an angry black woman. So, honestly, what do you expect... RIGHT? I'm merely fulfilling the box in which I've been bound by society. *insert appropriate – or inappropriate, pending how you view it – Kanye West beating up paparazzi GIF.*

Given, I was sharing this in the manner of "throwing shade." Just picture me as the shade queen herself: Whitney Houston. Or am I stepping on toes by referencing my late-great Aunt in my mind!?! 

If you were to get to know me, you'd know I'm Shade / Petty Queen with popping melanin who believes Beyoncé followed in her Royal footsteps. Alas, however, y'all don't know me and can view me however you'd like as I'll continue to sleep quite well. 

I have no hate for any race. Just distaste for blatant foolery. 

I also have a sour flavor towards individuals I humbly view as ignorant, bigots, foolish, lacking common sense, sexist, hater of puppies (because who hates puppies), hater of musicals (because what's better than a plot to a musical dance number) and hater of Beyoncé (because when life gives you Lemons it only makes sense to make Lemonade). 

Please do not fret over words you want to paint as racist. You are wasting your breath. You cannot judge me any more than I already judge / criticize myself. So, again please spare me and yourself. Also, realize, if you play me, you play YOURSELF. Do yourself the favor and just DON’T *in my Bryson Tiller voice.*

But that is just my two COULD BE VIEWED AS: 



– Signed a peeved black woman who is only sorry that she isn't sorry.
*drops mic - but then picks it up because mic lives matter.*

:: Post Rationalizing(s) 

"You think you're LIT, I will blow out your candle."
― Dave East ―


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